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The Pollen-Tech concept came from Tom Brown who was made aware of the problem facing growers and their dependence on bees. Pollen-Tech quickly reached out to pollen companies and spray companies and began working with them to develop a way to solve the pollination crisis. We have tested on over 200 acres with 3 different crops. We have a goal to revolutionize agriculture by giving growers direct control over pollination- increasing yields and decreasing risk.

Our Process

Our first step comes in sourcing the pollen from outstanding suppliers which can ensure high quality and disease-free material. We next mix this into a proprietary slurry to keep the pollen alive as we spray. Then comes the special "Electrostatic Spray" Process: Water, high pressure air, and the slurry are combined to mist the trees with pollen. As the mist leaves our sprayer an electrostatic charge is applied, which attracts the pollen directly to the stigma of the flower and completes pollination.