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Pollen-Tech is a start-up agricultural company that uses an innovative technology to address major concern from the world's food producers. Bee colonies are vital for plant pollination. Without pollination, plants don't bear fruit. Due to colony collapse disorder (CCD), this epidemic has led to steady decline of bees at an alarming rate. Tom Brown, our technology founder set out to understand and find a solution to this pressing challenge through mechanized pollination technology. Pollen-Tech quickly reached out to pollen suppliers and sprayer companies and began working with them to develop a way to solve the pollination crisis. We have tested this revolutionary technology in over two hundred acres and in three different crops. Our goal is to fundamentally transform agriculture by giving growers direct control over pollination thus enabling greater yields while decreasing risk.

Our Process

Our first step comes in sourcing the pollen from outstanding suppliers which can ensure high quality and disease-free material. We then combine the pollen in our proprietary slurry that keeps the pollen stable and viable during the spray process. Finally, we utilize electrostatic spray technology where water, high pressure air, and the pollen slurry mixture are combined to mist the trees with pollen. As the mist leaves the sprayer, an electrostatic charge is applied, which allows pollen to be directly attracted to the stigma of the flower to efficiently pollinate the flowers without significant loss of pollen.