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About Pollen-Tech

Pollen-Tech is an innovative start-up company that, utilizes technology to increase crop pollination. Our mission is to revolutionize agriculture by significantly improving food security in the U.S., and across the world. Pollen-Tech's technology is especially well suited for bee-pollinated crops, but there are scores of crops pollinated in other ways which may also benefit from our technology.

Approximately one third of all food grown worldwide is pollinated by bees. Pollen-Tech provides three major benefits to farmers: Reduces pollination risks associated with weather and bees, Increase crop yields, and provides easily controlled and cost effective process.

Our Team

Tom Brown
CEO/ President

(480) 658-4110

Tom Brown, founded IP Concept Search in 2006 and has been launching solutions to several industrial and agricultural problems ever since. He invented our patented process for supplementing and/or replacing bees in the pollination of almonds and other crops. Building trust to get to the right question and need in the market has been a key to his success. He has a BS in chemical engineering from BYU. He has worked as the technical director for several companies where he has used his collaborative approach to introduce new materials and processes into the largest high tech companies around the world. Over the past year he has received a great deal of entrepreneurship training through both Edson and the MAC6 incubator program.

Adam Brown
Vice President of Operations | Co-Founder

(480) 809-3600

Adam Brown, has multiple bachelor degrees in History, Political Science, and Nonprofit Leadership and Management. During his undergrad, he also worked full time for the United Way where he managed 17 accounts with various local companies. Mr. Brown is also a law student at Arizona State University. He plans on specializing in Tax and Corporate law.

Thomas Brown

(480) 809-3600

Thomas L. Brown Jr., graduated in December, 2012 with a joint J.D./MBA degree from ASU where he focused on entrepreneurship. He has been a part of multiple start-up companies where he has had roles in finance, contracts, and strategy. Before law school, he worked as a financial analyst at Avnet.

Trevor Ray

(480) 809-3600

Trevor Ray has been a supply chain analyst with Intel Corp and recently completed his MBA at the W.P. Carey School of Business at ASU. He works in an ongoing basis internationally with people primarily in Southeast Asia and Central America. With an industrial engineering background, he uses extensive statistics and operations research daily. As a hobby he explores the permaculture principles of sustainable agriculture- including having his own urban farm and orchard.

Dr. Lolita Mathew
Principal Investigator, Research and Development

(480) 809-3600

Dr. Mathew is responsible for overseeing the research and development of the pollination technology in almonds and other major crops. She has over a decade of experience working with cross-functional scientific and research teams in plant and insect biology labs at Arizona State University (ASU) and United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Prior to joining Pollen Tech. LLC, she was working as Research Molecular biologist at U.S. Arid Land Agricultural Research Center, at Maricopa, AZ. She was responsible for planning and conducting research projects that are unique and sustainable in molecular or biochemical based methods to minimize losses by insect pests of crops in arid land of the US. During her PhD program at The Biodesign Institute, Arizona State University, she gained extensive knowledge and experience in novel viral protein in transgenic plants as a means for plant-based vaccines. Her undergraduate degree in agricultural sciences from Kerala Agricultural University in India also benefits in her current role to provide technical advice and solutions to the current needs in the orchard industry. Dr. Mathew has also (co)written several scientific papers in her area of study and given talks at numerous national and international conferences.

David Wade
VP Sales & Marketing

(480) 809-3600

David Wade is a revolutionary innovator in the agricultural/bio-sciences industry, entrepreneur, educator, and family man. David pioneered online education in the K-12 grades in Arizona, and has been instrumental in the establishment of eight charter schools in Arizona along with one in Belize. He was a classroom and online teacher for 23 years, and his passion for education includes enhancements through innovative and appropriate application of developing technologies. David has served his community and church for 40 years in various youth, service, and philanthropic programs and causes. His greatest source of satisfaction comes from his family, including his wife of 35 years, Jaime, and their seven children and 15 grandchildren.

Megan Alkins
Marketing Manager

(480) 809-3600

Megan Alkins hold a Bachelor's degree in Biology with a concentration on Biology and Society. She has worked at the Biodesign Institute, Mayo Clinic, and now at ASU SkySong with Pollen-Tech.

Rod Fuller
Registered Patent Attorney

(480) 339-0161

Rodney Fuller, legal counsel and team member, received his B.S. in Biotechnology/Research Specialization and his M.S. in Plant Science with a Biotechnology Specialization from Utah State University. He is a registered patent attorney and partner at Booth Udall Fuller. He has extensive experience representing companies in all areas of patent law, including patent procurement and portfolio management; patent opinion, licensing, and agreement work; patent litigation; and appeals before the USPTO Board of Appeals. He handles intellectual property issues attendant to mergers, acquisitions, partnerships, collaborations, and market entry strategies.