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Frequently Asked Questions

Will spraying pollen electrostatically increase the yield of almonds?
Under the right conditions, it appears that electrostatic spraying of pollen does increase yields. In the more reliable data set generated in the Monterey test farm, an average increase of the more pollen per acre spray was 5.4% and using the better conditions of two sprays the result was 6.55%.

Is the pollen viable after using the electrostatic spray method?
In our field trails, we found that there was consistent increase in yield when pollen amount was increased per acre in test plots. Since pollen concentration was the only variable in those test, the data suggest pollen stays viable during the spray.

Will the spray harm the almond trees?
In all our trials, no evidence of harm to the trees was observed. There was no increase in blossom rot, and/or insect infestation in the nuts compared to our control untreated plots. Spotting on leaves or other indication of harm were also not observed.